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Visualizing Science


We are specialized in the design and production of custom high-end biomedical 3D animations, illustrations and graphic design for video, Power Point presentations, broadcast, print, and interactive media.

Cellular and molecular processes are complex and sometimes difficult to explain. Good images have proven to be invaluable as they help to instantly see what otherwise will take cumbersome explanations. But if an image is worth a thousand words, animations are priceless since they illustrate processes in motion. 3D animations are great tools to make complex biomedical concepts easily understandable to your colleagues, students, patients or the general public. They can be used in conferences, presentations, marketing, patient education etc.

Gardenia González Gil, Ph.D. has worked for more than 18 years creating visually appealing graphics and movies illustrating biomedical themes. She is particularly interested and passionate about using animations as educational tools to visualize and understand cellular and molecular events. Before she started her artistic career she worked for 15 years as cellular and molecular biologist in academia as well as pharmaceutical research. Her animations and illustrations have been commissioned by biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as academic institutions. Her work is featured as part of a permanent exhibition at the Norrköping Visualization Museum in Sweden. Gardenia's animation illustrating immunological processes occurring during Multiple Sclerosis was requested to be played at the CBS TV show "The Doctors".

Gardenia works with her clients in every step of the process helping them create a story with their ideas and concepts, visualizing the story, producing the animation and integrating it into any media they desire for distribution.